Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a resident discount for IP Certification Workshops?2018-07-19T15:39:27-03:00

There are no resident discounts currently available for IP Certification Workshops.

Am I guaranteed that I will get my IP certification?2018-07-19T15:39:04-03:00

Unfortunately there is no guarantee. It is possible to not get all your determinant scans completed due to challenging models or speed of scanning. It is possible to fail the exams as they are designed to the highest standards. We want you to practice safely in the real world. If you fail to complete all the scans or exams, an additional training session may be arranged at a later time for an additional fee.

What is the CME for doing the IP Certification Workshop?2018-07-19T15:38:44-03:00

Completion of the CPoCUS IP Certification Workshop is eligible for:

25 Royal College Section 3 credits    OR    60 CCFP Cert+ credits.

Can I just take the second and third day of the EDE Bootcamp if I have already done some scans?2018-07-19T15:38:11-03:00

No. Exams begin on day one of the workshop and we want you to obtain as many supervised scans as possible to develop your skills. Those that already have experience will be challenged to improve their skills further by bedside instructors to become faster, more efficient, and problem solve tougher cases.

What if I have not taken an EDE, EDTU or equivalent course?2018-07-19T15:37:42-03:00

You do not need any prior course to take PoCUS East IP Workshop. No ultrasound experience is required. We will provide simple, step-by-step instructions on using portable ultrasound systems to complete rapid, focused scans. You will complete the didactic component of training on your own time by accessing the EDE Online program.

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